20 May

How to Prepare and Deliver a Deal-closing Pitch for Your Startup

Pitching as a bridge between the startup’s reality and the public’s realities



Go Pitch Youself by Gabriel DOMBRI

We often see startup pitching as a single, spot activity, prepared and delivered quickly. But often, a pitch is not at all like that, as instead of being a tactical intervention, it’s a strategic flow, a process having at its core the delivery of the pitch and surrounded by the essential activities of proper preparation – before – and well done follow up – after. It’s a line not a dot and if done right it creates a proper bridge between the startup reality and the public’s world.

Last week I was at this great conference focused on collaborations between startups and brands, PODIM in Maribor, Slovenia, where I delivered a workshop on how to pitch as a startup and convince brands to become your partners. You can see the slide below and use them as a guide any time you need to cover the entire flow of preparing and delivering your startup pitch, especially for getting corporate partners, but also to investors.

Pitching as a strategic activity

A fundamental lesson in this workshop is to look at the pitch as a strategic activity, where the focus in not only on doing a fantastic delivery of the pitch in front of your public, but preparing the things in such a way that you have the right public in front of you. I’ve seen this so many times: very smart startup founder delivering a great pitch to a bunch of investors or corporates who were not suitable to get involve with that startups (for various reasons). All that leads to wasted time, both for you as a startup founder (and time is of essence in a startup!) and for your public.
The smarter way to do this is to have a strong preparation of the pitch, that validates things like:
  • knowing exactly why you pitch and what you want out of it
  • having the right public in front of you, with the right motivations for getting involved with your startup
  • understanding beforehand the suitability between your startup and those specific investors or corporate partners
  • having a clear proposition that is relevant for your public (what you want, what you give in exchange, when it needs to happen, why it’s worth it)

These are just some of the points touched in the workshop. For the entire flow, just take a look at the slides above and should you have any questions, please comment here or email me.

Happy pitching!


Startup Pitching Workshop at Your Event
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