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Hi, I’m Gabriel DOMBRI

Entrepreneur and Digital Business Strategist with a marketing background. Currently CEO @Tapptitude, a Full-Stack Mobile Development Studio, and Founder @GROWTH MARKETING Academy, a private school of performance marketing. I am highly passionate about innovation and focused on helping smart entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

Digital Marketing Consultant with companies in the UK, US, Italy and Romania. 8+ years of hands-on experience in Digital Strategy and Online Performance Optimisation.


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I work with ambitious entrepreneurs facing relevant challenges and help them grow their businesses by a combination of business model innovation and growth marketing techniques. What’s your growth challenge?

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How to Boost Your Startup Engagement in Expos, Fairs and Events

Going to an expo, fair or specialised event with your startup can be a pretty big decision, both in terms of money and time investments. Therefore, once you decide that you need to be present at such an event, getting the best out of it is essential. One of the greatest challenges is to go […]


7 Survival Rules for Startups – Brands Partnerships and Collaborations

Startups – Brands Partnerships and Collaborations = real opportunities for both Creating partnerships and collaborations between startups and brands or corporates seems to be a growing trend lately. Though these types of relationships are bit more complicated than the usual investments, the fact that they have entered the mainstream it’s a good thing for both sides. […]


How to Prepare and Deliver a Deal-closing Pitch for Your Startup

Pitching as a bridge between the startup’s reality and the public’s realities     We often see startup pitching as a single, spot activity, prepared and delivered quickly. But often, a pitch is not at all like that, as instead of being a tactical intervention, it’s a strategic flow, a process having at its core […]


4 Wrong Reasons to Build Your Startup

Whenever I meet a new startup founder, I pop this question: So, why do you do this? What motivated you to build your startup? I must admit I’ve been surprised about how many young people are motivated by what I consider to be ‘weird’ reasons to create a startup. And that is worrying, for at […]